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A new issue in teaching PhysicsDec. 15/2018
I have been teaching physics since 2001. Ever since, I have been improving my skills in both theoretical and experimental fields and trying to integrate them in the process of teaching physics. I also learnt how to do animations in flash to illustrate the concept and to compensate for the undone experiments due to the lack of equipment in some schools. Year after a year, I have been doing great in gaining the attention of students in introducing the concept through experimental work. But lately, in the last few years I noticed a growth in the number of students becoming apathetic even when I am showing them something dazzling in the experiment! and that is maybe due to the impact of virtual reality games they are indulged with. So I think that we must search for new methods in introducing the experiments that we used to get the students excited at!
A new summary sheet addedJune. 27/2018
A new summary sheet is added: Vectors and coordinate systems, in the Summaries section. More sheets will be added soon.
Two new summary sheets addedMay. 4/2018
Two new summary sheets: Equations of Motion and Recording Motion are added to the section Summaries. More will be added soon.
A new section addedMay. 4/2018
Welcome to Physics zone, the site that is dedicated for facilitating the learning of Physics.
A new section is added: "Summaries", which will contain summaries of all main topics of physics. As a start, two summaries are posted in the section. New summaries will be posted soon.
Thank you for your support.
I am back!Apr. 8/2018
Well, it has been a long time! I was busy doing lots of things (Job, study, family...), and I still... but I decieded to give some of my time to the site though... It will be a challenge, but I will be up to it. First thing, I will revise the current content. Then I will add new papers. Also I will learn the new techniques of designing interactive animations using html5 for updating my old animations which are designed using Flash and Actionscript and to add new animations. It will take a long time to show significant result, but I got on the track.
Just a thoughtNov. 10/2012
"One beautiful aspect of Physics is that you can abstract it and make it a pure math, or you can flesh it out and make it a natural science"
Farid Minawi
Two new sheets addedOct. 2/2011
Welcome to Physics zone, the site that is dedicated for facilitating the learning of Physics. It is my pleasure to serve this purpose and introduce two new sheets in the "Theory" section. The first is a list of Maxwell's equations in different forms, and the other sheet is a summary of three important operations on vectors: Scalar, vector and mixed product. I hope you make use of the current content, and I promise to add more soon.
Farid Minawi...
The teaching of science Sep. 2/2011
It is discouraging, that many of the science teachers nowadays, especially physics teachers, turned the science teaching from a process of encouraging the students to discover the nature, and to find out answers to questions they have always asked ever since they were kids into a process of teaching students just how to solve problems and pass exams without even realizing the relevance of what they solve to the reality.
Getting high grades is usually good but if we made it our ultimate goal we will miss the essence of science. I just hope we could change this situation.
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The new design July 16/2011
Welcome to Physics zone in its new design. As you can see, we will start with only three sections: the welcome section, which is going to be continuously updated with posts. The second section is the "Theory" section, which includes a variety of papers and notes in the different topics of physics. And finally, the "Laboratory" section, which contains interactive virtual experiments, as well as video clips of variety of experiments.
So, I hope you make use of the current contents, and I promise to add more soon.
Thank you...
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