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  Personal information
My picture   Name: Farid Minawi
Marital status: Married
Children: Three kids, Sarah, Adnan and Muhammad
Nationality: Palestinian
Date & place of Birth: 20/6/1976, Beirut
Address: Lebanon - Beirut
Email address: fm(at)physicszone.org
  Intermediate and secondary classes’ teacher since 2001. With experience in introducing the subject from different points of view that gain interest, and integrating the theoretical study with the experimental work, thanks to my experience in laboratory equipment and how to implement them in teaching physics. My approach to teaching Physics is to guide the student to discover rather than just receive the information. Excellent credentials and background in teaching all grades from grade 7 up to grade 12 (Lebanese and American curricula).
  Al Hourj Secondary Official School :
                    Baccalaureate – Mathematics

Lebanese University – Faculty of Sciences (Hadath) :
                    Maitrise-es Sciences in Physics-Option : Electronics
  Test scores
  GRE Physics subject test:
   890/990 (percentile: 84%) – Date: 16-4-2016

GRE Revised General Test:
   Quantitative reasoning: 162/170 (percentile: 83%)
   Verbal reasoning: 150/170 (percentile: 45%) – Date: 26-12-2012

   91/120 – Date: 12-4-2014
  Qualifications and skills
  Teaching skills:
   Physics and Mathematics for secondary and High school.
A variety of computer skills:
   Including programs (Ms Word/Excel/MS Expression Web 4 – Flash – OrCAD – MPLAB) and programming Languages (Visual Basic – Pascal – C/C++).
A variety of electronics skills:
   Including electronics design (Schematics – PCB …) and microcontrollers (experience in PIC microcontrollers) and VHDL.
  Arabic: native tongue
English: very good
French: weak
  Physics - Electronics - Computer
  Reading - Chess
  Physics Laboratory Teacher
(September 2007- September 2014) Lebanese Preparatory School (LPS):
   Grades 7 up to Secondary 3 Life and General Sciences and High School.

(October 2010- June 2011) Al Iman School:
   Grades 7 up to Secondary 3 Life and General Sciences.

Physics Teacher
(October 2010- June 2012) - (October 2013- June 2018 current) Al Iman School:
Grade 9, Secondary 1, Secondary 2 Scientific and Humanities, Secondary 3 socio-economics.

(September 2011- September 2013) Al Ikhaa School:
   Grade 9 and Secondary 1.

(October 2003- May 2004) - (February 2007- May 2008) Beirut High School:
   Secondary 3 Life Science
   Grades 7 up to Secondary 3 Socio-economics.

(December 2006- June 2007) Lebanese Rabieh School:
   Grades 7, 8 and 9.

(October 2002- October 2003) Lebanese Science and Education School:
   Grades 7 up to Secondary 2 Scientific (Math teacher).

(October 2001- June 2002) Universal High School:
   Grades 6 and 7 (Math teacher).